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Our mission is to provide safe, reliable, and sustainable access to drinking water to all Peruvians

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Watertap points @ School

Education starts with clean drinking water


Community Water Filters

With your help we can change their daily lives

We offer solutions ranging from simple gravity solutions, filters that can easily be connected to the public network up to reverse osmosis.

Gravity filters: the most easy ones in the range offering filtered water at less than S/. 0.01 per liter.

Microfiltration + UV: easy connect to public networks or even gravity based  such as making use of water tanks. The capacity can range upto 3000 liters per hour.

Reverse Osmosis: for those areas that suffer from heavy pollution. Reverse Osmosis requires electricity and does waste a significant amount of water, but does offer you safe water in almost any condition.  

Water Vending: create a sustainable solution by means of a water vending shop with easy software and payment technology. Local entrepreneurs can earn an income and local people enjoy access to clean, tasty and healthy drinking water




Family solutions

Water vending


Commercial Products