our mission:

Safe water.

We are a social enterprise committed to providing access to safe water for all Peruvians at affordable prices.

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The Problem

Access to safe water has improved in Peru in recent years, yet significant shortfalls in both public infrastructure and household facilities remain. As a consequence many Peruvians do not have access to affordable and safe drinking water. 

The number of people who have access to drinking water varies according per region. In Loreto, 4 out of 10 people have access to this  service, while in Ucayali only 3 out of every 10 people and in Huancavelica the figure is as low as 2 out of 10 (source: Unicef Peru)

Our impact

Through partnerships, Things4.Life is creating a scalable platform that provides safe drinking water at reasonable prices, job opportunities and income. We hope to achieve this by creating a supply chain via small local entrepeneurs and social initiatives to those in need.  

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our goals #1, 5 and 6



Products Sold

Amount of products sold by Things4.Life during since inception.



Drinking Water produced

Volume of potential potable water provided over the lifetime of the products sold.



People Impacted

Number of unique people that were clients of Things4.Life and now have  access to clean drinking water.


CO2 Savings (KG)


Jobs Created


Money Saved

Our projects & IMPACT

We offer sustainable solutions that provide drinking water at reasonable prices, whether it is a family, school or community. Together with our suppliers we ensure adequate solutions.

Our solutions

Created with the highest standards of quality and design, the filtration system is incredibly simple to use and maintain.

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Things4.Life delivers safe drinking water to families via its gravity filter solutions from Kohler Clarity and Tulip Table Top. Our filters are designed to help providing sufficient water enough for a small family

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Things4.Life delivers safe drinking water to schools at scale, supplying many children that are most vulnerable to waterborne illness and disease caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites.


march 2018

We are proud to be part of the National Water guide 2018 in Peru: the only social enterprise!

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