Our mission

Approximately 4 million people in Peru lack access to safe drinking water and 8 million lack access to improved sanitation. Access to safe water is a basic need for everyone. It can turn problems into potential by means of education, generating income, and health.

That is why the Things for Life foundation brings affordable life-enhancing solutions to make drinking water available for all Peruvians. We hope to achieve this by creating a supply chain via small local entrepeneurs and social initiatives to those in need.  

Our products:

A wide assortment of essential and environmentally safe, life-enhancing products to benefit Peruvian families. Please ask for a discount code for social projects

Improving Life

Just by drops of water

agua familia


Each and every family in Peru has the right to access clean drinking water. We offer economic and sustainable solutions at a family level

Tulip Table Top          Kohler Clarity



agua para escuelas


Central points of water achieving health (malnutrition & obesity), less plastic waste and large cost savings


comunidad agua


Create clean water facilities for every home in your community or alternatively create centralised clean water points. Generate health improvement & cost savings