Access to safe water has improved in Peru in recent years, yet significant shortfalls in both public infrastructure and household facilities remain. As a consequence many Peruvians do not have access to affordable and safe drinking water. At the same time economic opportunities to start a business for many Peruvians are limited due to the absence of adequate education and capital, which in turn can generate jobs  

Through local franchises, Things4.Life is creating a scalable platform that enables small entrepreneurs to start a promising water business that provides job opportunities, income and affordable drinking water. 


Franchises purify existing water sources in urban and peri-urban areas and focus on the district they work in, the mini-franchise focusses on their neighborhood within walking distance.

A franchise is a local business that produces safe and tasty drinking water. In contrast the mini-franchise is a local store that will be equipped with an aspirational rack to show and sell our products.

Each franchise is equipped with a water purification and bottling unit that produces quality drinking water that complies with local regulations. The result is healthy and tasty drinking water, eliminating harmful bacteria and parasites.

Our customers typically consume boiled or even untreated water as they cannot afford the luxury water brands, these are the majority of the Peruvian population. Customers will have access to an aspirational 20 liter bottle from MiQua that can be exchanged for a full bottle when empty. 

Improving Life

Just by drops of water