Access to safe water has improved in Peru in recent years, yet significant shortfalls in both public infrastructure and household facilities remain. As a consequence many Peruvians do not have access to affordable and safe drinking water.   

  • Our solutions filter out more than 99.99% of bacteria and protozoa (WHO compliant), and provide up to 40 liters of safe water each day - enough for a small family.
  • No electricity: the filters can be installed in any location without a need for a power source such as electricity, gas or wood
  • Durability: the durability is high, this means a simple filter element can last up to 3 years. 
  • Cost: the gravity filters are extremely economic. The price per liter is less than S/. 0.02
  • Simple: gravity filters are the most easy filters to use and maintain. It offers directly water with typical safe water container of 10 liters.

Last Mile Distribution

The problems facing Peru’s poor are complex, so the solution needs to work on many levels. Things4.life brings life-changing products, educating customers about products and providing payment plans to make them affordable. We do this through a network of small distributors that create jobs and income. Join with your NGO or Social Project!


Improving Life

Just by drops of water