Water vending

Water vending


Vending water solutions where consumers pay with a pre-paid card each time they collect water. 

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  1. Provide access to purified water to everyone independent of income;
  2. Make sure the cost of operating the purification installation is earned back. Imagine a cost of S/. 0.02 per litre
  3. A sustainable solution is reached: people have access to something basic --> clean water; and pay for it in order for another person to earn an income

This is how it works:

  1. A purification system is installed to make sure that the quality of the water meets drinking guidelines of Digesa
  2. At the dispensing (or tappoint) a prepaid dispensing unit is placed. This ensures that water is only dispensed when a consumer holds a card against the prepaid dispensing unit. 
  3. Prepaid cards can be charged according to your cost setup, e.g.:
    1. Families pay nothing but get a card with a limited amount of water credits
    2. Families pay S/. 0.05 per litre, for those who can afford it
    3. Families pay as high as is reasonable to create jobs and other benefits
  4. A profesional Point-of-Sale terminal that can be used anywhere in the world allows an authorized person to charge the pre-paid card.

Further benefits

  1. Improved health that is by far the biggest benefit by something so easy to be achieved
  2. It is great for the environment, no more waste of plastic bottles!
  3. The prepaid cards contains all the information of the person (family) owning the card. This means how much water the person tapped, when and where. 

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