Oasis DP Sanic

Oasis DP Sanic


Reverse Osmosis antimicrobial STD - 50GDP. Ideal para familias o empresas pequenas

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OASIS DP SANIC is a range of RO units made up with patented and registered DP TRIO SANIC filter housings and with RO VESSEL SANIC, exclusive reverse osmosis membrane housing with double o-ring, featuring Antimicrobial Product Protection provided by silver-based technology which prevents the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, keeping the unit cleaner for longer. 

OASIS DP SANIC are especially designed for the installation under the kitchen sink, complete with installation kit. All OASIS DP SANIC are based on a standard 6 stages unit, made up of: 3 pre- filtration stages, RO membrane stage, G.A.C. activated carbon post-filter stage, re-mineralizer post-filter stage. 


  • Boosterpump (+S/. 160)
  • Luz UV (+S/. 199)
  • Con marco de metal (+S/. 250)



  • - 50 GPD - 1812 RO membrane
    - Quick-fit connections
    - Shut-off valve (STD and UV models)
    - Solenoid valve (PUMP and PUMP-UV models) - Pressure gauge (F models with frame)
    - Min pressure switch
    - Max pressure switch
    - AIC activated carbon post-filter
    - AIM re-mineralizer post-filter
    - Installation kit with dedicated tap
    - 12 liters (3.2 gallons) metal storage tank
    - AC plug 2 pins C type - CEE 7/16 (Europlug) 


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