Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis


Profesional Reverse Osmosis: RO050 (1,000 liters per day) y RO090 (2,000 liters per day)

This is an excellent solution if the water is heavily contaminated or there are doubts about the quality of the water source over a longer period in time.



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Pre-treatment section consisting of a 10” duplex filtration group: first stage carbon cartridge, second stage cartridge with 5 micron filtration rate.

Pressurization section made up of a brass rotary vane electric pump with by-pass.

Permeation section consisting of high-productivity and low-consumption reverse osmosis permeator (low energy). the membrane is closed in a polypropylene vessel.

Hoses feeding, permeate, high pressure and discharge hoses in 12 bar pressure resistant material.

Control and hydraulic control section

  • pressure gauge for feed pressure at the membranes
  • flow restrictor for the adjustment of the draining flow
  • protection pressure switch with system lock for low supply water level
  • protection pressure switch with system lock for permeator supply high pressure
  • two pressure switches on permeate line for automatic system stop (permeate working
  • pressure 1,8÷3 bar)
  • membrane solenoid valve for system supply management
  • membrane solenoid valve for the management of the osmosis module flushing - conductivity probes for feed water and permeate
  • tank in plastic suitable for food contact

Support frame built in aisi 304 stainless steel complete with brackets, vessel and hose fixing collars, valves and connections, leads for the various uses, electric control panel.

Optional: uv lamp on permeate line.

Electro-mechanical control panel

  • IP55 electrical box
  • Built with microprocessors and fitted with a digital display
  • Digital conductivity meter with LCD display to read the conductivity of the feed water and the water produced
  • Alarm with visual descriptive display of the kind of problem: feed water low pressure / permeator supply high pressure / permeate high conductivity
  • Working hours display with maintenance block at “x” hours - Fluxing automatic management timed and at each cycle stop - Automatic system start and stop
  • Clean contact in exchange for external alarm signal
  • Possibility of pre-treatment feedback (softener / carbon filter)
  • Possibility of feeding an antiscalant metering pump (optional) 

Other specifications

Reverse Osmosis